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Free Lark
Possible to set the product to quick fall style, normal style, or easy fishing style with just a single lever action.
Super Multifunction-version free Lark.
An excellent product changes freely. A rod holder that responds quickly to anglers’ request with just a single lever action.
An ultra-versatile version that combine the functions of the conventional Lark Rolling Series into this specific product.

Vertically or horizontally mounted as desired.
Possible to change the set pin position to mount the product vertically or horizontally as desired according to the shape and width of the boat side.

Swing function
The rod holder swings left and right (180°, seven stages) according to the tide flow, thus making it possible to fix the rod at the desired angle. Possible to respond flexibly in the direction to avoid entanglement in a narrow place.

Handheld helper function
The rod can be kept at the height of the waist, which halves the user’s fatigue and ensures ease of jerking by raising the rod holder to the front. Possible to respond quickly to hooking and feeding the line.

Rod stand holder function
Convenient when moving to a different point. Just pull out the holder part and hang the Shirite Rope on the hook. The holder part incorporates a powerful magnet. Possible to adsorb hooks and scissors.

Clamp adjustment function
Loosen the two fixing screws by one rotation, adjust the adjustment clamp to the thickness of the boat side, tighten the fixing screw completely, and then attach the product to the boat with the left and right clamp screws.